Clúster Bioturbosina

Life cycle analysis (LCA) and sustainability

As part of the Biojet Cluster commitments, the environmental and social impacts caused by the production and consumption of biojet fuel during its life cycle will be estimated and evaluated for the different processes, from feedstocks, processing, refining, transportation and use.

To achieve sustainability, a comprehensive life cycle analysis (LCA) of different bio jet fuel production processes will be carried out in order to guarantee the use of biomass sources and adequate conversion processes according to the legal framework, generating disruptive knowledge in our country.

This research line will also monitor the national and international biofuel production standards that guarantee the quality, safety and sustainability of biojet fuel, such as:

  • NMX- AA-174- SCFI-2014.
  • ASTM D7566.
  • ISO 13065:2015.
  • 12 Principles of the Sustainable Biomaterials Roundtable (RSB).