Clúster Bioturbosina

Flying towards a better future

The Biojet Cluster is one of the five clusters that comprises the MCIE-Bio (Mexican Centre for Innovation in Bioenergy, CEMIE-Bio in Spanish).

CEMIE-Bio is supported by the Ministry of Energy and the National Council of Science and Technology, through the Energy Sustainability Fund. This is the largest investment initiative of the Mexican government in research to develop biofuels in Mexico.

​ The biojet fuel cluster has at its core a 4-year research and development programme, that looks to advance the implementation of this new industry in Mexico.

About us

Our consortium counts on the technological and human infrastructure, as well as the experience that will allow us to develop and unite the links of the value chain of sustainable aviation biofuels in Mexico, from the supply of various feedstocks to the sale of a reliable, sustainable and economically viable product for airlines.

Training human resources dedicated to research, development and innovation is one of the pillars of the consortium, as well as the transfer of technology to key players. We propose several alternatives to produce crops with commercial viability to produce biojet fuel, offering an alternative to farmers and agricultural lands without current use, ensuring not to affect the human food supply.

All this, aligned with a strategy for development of processing technologies, as well as the introduction to the market and compliance with sustainability standards.

Public research centers

Foreign research institutes

Private companies

Research lines

The Biojet Cluster has four research lines: 1) Biomass production, 2) Conversion processes, 3) Life cycle analysis (LCA) and sustainability, and 4) Market.

These lines include research activities that will contribute to scientific advance for the production of sustainable aviation biofuels, which have an innovative content and are of a disruptive nature not only in Mexico but in many cases, in the world.